Who is The Halloween Kid?

The Halloween Kid is a five-minute short, written and to be directed by Halloween obsessive and horror fan Axelle Carolyn.

It’s a spooky Halloween fairy tale telling the story of a 10-year-old boy who, for reasons explained in the film, is lonely all year except on Halloween. It also features a skeleton, a monster, a scarecrow and a bunch of Halloween ghosts.

Influences include holiday classics such as Trick R Treat and Halloween, Monster House, or Tim Burton films The Nightmare Before Christmas and Vincent (it will, however, be live action).

The film is already partly financed, and we’re looking at a late October shoot in and around London. We’ve got some great people involved, and we’d love you to be part of it too!

Yes, we’re going to be looking at you for the rest of the financing. If you love horror, Halloween or cinema in general, this is your chance to add to your movie credits!

Check back in a couple of days for a new concept design, and next Monday for the beginning of the crowd funding campaign, with all kinds of exclusive rewards!


2 comments on “Who is The Halloween Kid?

  1. Sounds cool. If I was in London I’d be happy to help. Looking forward to seeing it!

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