Halloween top ten film: #10

First of all, thanks to everyone for our incredible achievement of the past 3 days: 103% funded! Fantastic! We’re now focusing on a new target: £6,000, to get us better camera equipment and bigger set designs. Let’s make this little Halloween tale the eeriest, best-looking it can be!

Huge thanks to everyone who backed us yesterday: Darren Bransford, Miranda Morton, Matthew Mullane, Jason Brawn, Andrew van den Houten, Eamon Wyse, Tony Marsh, Josh Ethier, Marguerite Linster, Adam Sager, Elaine Lamkin, Christopher Goodman, Adam Kelly, Gabriella Patel, Clifford Green, Stuart O’Connor and James Crocker!

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And now, without further ado, here’s number 10 in our  top 10 Halloween movies: stories which take place on Halloween and best encapsulate the spirit of the holiday…

10 . Hatchet (Adam Green, 2006)

You could argue that Hatchet, which almost entirely takes place in the swamps of New Orleans on Mardi Gras, is hardly a Halloween movie. I’ll agree the link is tenuous: only one scene takes place on that night. But the very nature of the scene is, in my opinion, linked to the very holiday spirit I keep referring to: the ‘birth’ of killer monster Victor Crowley, a throwback to the classic slasher psychos of the late 70s and 80s. A chilling legend on a par with the best campfire stories.

Hatchet  is in equal measure silly and spooky, fun and gory. If you can say the same of your Halloween night, chances are it was a good one!

Watch the trailer here:

Writer/director Adam Green is a huge Halloween fan and every year, he offers us a new holiday short. Here’s my personal favorite, Jack Chop, starring Grace director Paul Solet…



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