Vintage Halloween postcards – part 2

Here’s a few more of those awesome Halloween postcards I mentioned earlier, the kind whose tone and look serve as a source of inspiration on The Halloween Kid

These are certainly creepier than the previous ones I posted, and certainly not as influential.

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Ok, so how spooky is this?

I love that card, but really, who dresses up like this..?

Who are these creatures? Why do they appear to be melons with legs made out of straw? Whose cake are they cutting up? What is the link with Halloween?

No clue.

Now this makes more sense. Here’s a cat directing a choir of pumpkins:

Then again, there’s also the intriguing caption, “cats and bats and witches are flying through the air”. Mmmh, flying cats?

But hey, cats can also do this:

Last but not least…

I understand that the guys in the back are carrying pumpkins in front of their heads. But what’s up with the two guys climbing over the fence? Where are their real heads?

Don’t you just love vintage Halloween cards?


2 comments on “Vintage Halloween postcards – part 2

  1. Ray Hewitt says:

    Wow! Those are great cards. I love old-timey Halloween crap too! I wish i still had some of the stuff we used to decorate with when I was a kid. The anticipation of hauling it out each year was tantamount to Christmas decorations…where did you find those loverly cards? Ebay I’ll wager…?

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