Top 10 Halloween Movies: #9

Big thanks to our new Halloween Kid backers Owen Marshall, Scott Cox and Michele Baker!  Thanks also to Fangoria for mentioning us on their website.

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We’ll soon be announcing our first cast members… But in the meantime, here’s movie number 9 on my countdown of the top 10 Halloween movies of all times:

9. Night of the Demons (2009, Adam Gierasch)

Here’s a rare case of a remake surpassing – in my opinion, at least – the original: Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson’s update on 1988 cult film Night of the Demons.

Set entirely on Halloween night, around a Halloween-party-gone-bad scenario, Night of the Demons is beautifully filmed and filled with great costumes, Halloween visuals, and a fantastic soundtrack.

Sexy, gory, fun and relentless, it’s the kind of film that’s best seen with an audience, or a bunch of fellow horror fans. The perfect Halloween party movie!


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