Top 10 Halloween Movies: #8

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Here’s number 8 in our countdown of the 10 movies which best represent the spirit of Halloween…

8. Ed Wood (1994, Tim Burton)

Arguably Burton’s best, most mature work to date, Ed Wood, his love letter to filmmaking, is only very partially set on Halloween. But its gleeful enthusiasm for all things scary, its old-fashioned monsters, its horror hosts and its cardboard graveyards and spaceships are so reminiscent of our favorite holiday, it’s hard not to categorise it as a Halloween movie.

Beautifully shot in glorious black-and-white (a brave choice, considering its limited commercial appeal), Ed Wood is touching, sad, tender and optimistic all at once. It’s also a fantastic homage to the great Bela Lugosi – one of my favorite actors ever. Martin Landau’s portrayal is simply perfect.

In addition, it features the beautiful Lisa Marie as the equally beautiful Vampira. And because there’s never too much Vampira on Halloween…

… Or too much Lisa Marie:


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