Behind the scenes with the ghosts!



One of my favorite behind-the-scenes photos. The second ghost to my left (with the cap) and the second to my right (dressed in black) are my niece and nephew Molly and Joseph.


3 comments on “Behind the scenes with the ghosts!

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    That’s really good make up!

    • Thanks! Our make-up designer was Evie Wray, who worked on the Harry Potter series and on Burton’s Dark Shadows. She’s brilliant! Costumes were by the equally talented Rebecca Gore (Exam, The Disappeared, Screwed).

  2. I like the costumes! And it’s just a little spooky that the ONE girl all the way to the right is turned away from the camera. Are you sure she was even there?

    (Hey, it worked for The Beatles)

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