The Last Post

The Last Post, my very first short film, starring Jean Marsh, Kimberley Nixon and Darren Bransford, is now online!

You’ll find the link below – I really hope you enjoy it. We were lucky enough to screen it in 15 festivals over the past 6 months, including a fantastic screening at the London FrightFest, and at Fantasia in Montreal, as well as in Sitges.

The Last Post is the story of Colette, an old lady in a nursing home, who is visited by a mysterious stranger no one else seems able to see…

Expect atmosphere and nostalgia rather than scares and gore, by the way.

Here’s what the web said:

“A successful, contemplative mood piece, as touching as it is effective, and hopefully a mere taste of what this promising director might have in store” (Fangoria)

“Without a doubt a piece of narrative art that can only leave you cold when you have no heart at all” (Screenread)

“A quietly tender piece, spooky, saddening and very well acted. A thought-provoking masterpiece” (Gorepress)

“A beautiful and touching debut… I look forward to seeing more from Carolyn” (Ain’t It Cool News)

“Leaves us ‘haunted’ by feelings of joy or even peace” (DreadCentral)

“Incredibly atmospheric and involving” (FanGirlTastic)

“A haunting and poignant short that oozes class and sophistication” (HorrorTalk)


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