About The Halloween Kid

The Halloween Kid is a short, spooky Halloween fairy tale, written and to be directed by Axelle Carolyn.


7 comments on “About The Halloween Kid

  1. James Atkins says:


    This looks like a great project to be involved in.

    I am an experienced filmmaker and if you need a Script Supervisor/Continuity I’d be happy to be involved.


    Kind regards


  2. Guy Harris says:

    Hi There,

    I agree with James. My name is Guy Harris I am a UK based Voice Actor and have a great spooky Halloween voice I would love to help you with.


    It looks fantastic as a project and would love to be involved in.


    Best Wishes


  3. Hello,

    Please forgive me for posting this on here, but I’ve looked endlessly for your contact information and couldn’t find one. Feel free to remove this letter as soon as you read it. I just wanted to make sure that you received this. My name is Rhode Montijo and Simon and Schuster published my book last year titled, The Halloween Kid. http://halloweenkid.com/ . It is currently being animated for a television special. I received word that you will be filming a live action short also titled The Halloween Kid. Congratulations, from what I’ve read, it sounds like a nice blend of Halloween goodness. I have no doubt that our stories are different and just share a love for Halloween, but I am concerned about the similar titles. I was hoping that you would consider changing your title, since it is still early on your project, to avoid confusion down the road? It can, but doesn’t have to be a complete change, just something that will help differentiate the projects. I think it would help and hope you’ll agree. Good luck with your project and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    Rhode Montijo

    • Hey Rhode, I just checked out your book on Amazon – don’t worry, there’s no possible confusion in tone, look, storyline or target audience, from what I can see! Besides, ours is just a little 5-minute short, you have nothing to fear from us… You’ve made me curious about your book now though, I’ll keep an eye out for it!

      • Hi Axelle,

        Thank you for your response, I appreciate it. I just wanted to make clear that me contacting you was just about the similar title, The Halloween Kid- but no worries. Thank you for your assurances that the your project won’t confuse people with my book or proposed animation project. Assuming that your project remains a five-minute short and doesn’t expand into a book or series or full-length project, the title shouldn’t be an issue. Best of luck and onward!

        Rhode Montijo

  4. […] – dir. Tara-Nicole Azarian The Dump – dir. Rebekah McKendry The Halloween Kid – dir. Axelle Carolyn The Morning After – dir. Jen Moss The Night Caller – dir. Donna Thorland and Peter […]

  5. cathy mckee says:

    Hello Axelle,

    I am the film festival director of the Reel Fun Film Festival in Calgary Alberta Canada. We are a film festival for children, youth, families and students and I am doing some programming for a small Florida film festival for Halloween. I’d love to see your whole short and would like to find out if we can program it for the festival in October? Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Cathy McKee
    Festival Director
    Reel Fun Film Festival
    Calgary Alberta

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