Behind the scenes on The Halloween Kid!

Here’s the behind-the-scenes featurette for The Halloween Kid! Filmed and edited by Jamie Hooper of Fingercuff Productions, it’s a pretty  comprehensive look at the making of our little fairytale, including our voice-over session with Sir Derek Jacobi and music score with composer Christian Henson.


The Halloween Kid World Premiere

The first public screening of The Halloween Kid has just been announced!

The Halloween Kid will premiere at the prestigious International Children and Young People’s Film Festival in Malmo, Sweden, in March.

I’d never thought of it as a children’s film while we were making it, but once someone had suggested the idea, it seemed to make sense. Like the works of the people who inspire me (in this case, geniuses like Edward Gorey or Guillermo del Toro), it mixes fantasy and the supernatural in a way that seems suitable for children. And the lead is seven years old.

To celebrate, we’ve put together a little teaser trailer!

Top 10 Halloween Movies: #7

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Halloween Movie #7: House of 1,000 Corpses (Rob Zombie, 2003)

A slightly leftfield choice, House of 1,000 Corpses (aka HO1KC) is probably the only film on my list which truly aims to disgust and horrify.

Rob Zombie’s strength as a filmmaker, in my opinion, doesn’t lie in his writing. The basic premise for this story – kids on a trip are abducted by a family of psychos when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere – is adequately simple, yet the storyline meanders in the oddest way, and the odd bunch of characters are more cartoonish than developed.

But Zombie’s visual flair is brilliant. He has a real knack for composing images that strike the imagination, as evidenced early on by his music videos. His first feature is a real feast for the eyes, and rarely has more Halloween/horror imagery been concentrated into one colorful and loud film.

In an amusing twist of fate, HO1KC, originally financed by Universal, then rejected by the studio and distributed by Lionsgate, has this year been turned into one of the star attractions of the Halloween Universal Horror Nights in Hollywood… One of my biggest regrets this year is that I won’t get to go. The Horror Nights are always brilliant, and this time they also have an Alice Cooper maze, and one based on Mexican horror folklore – two of my passions!

Top 10 Halloween Movies: #8

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Here’s number 8 in our countdown of the 10 movies which best represent the spirit of Halloween…

8. Ed Wood (1994, Tim Burton)

Arguably Burton’s best, most mature work to date, Ed Wood, his love letter to filmmaking, is only very partially set on Halloween. But its gleeful enthusiasm for all things scary, its old-fashioned monsters, its horror hosts and its cardboard graveyards and spaceships are so reminiscent of our favorite holiday, it’s hard not to categorise it as a Halloween movie.

Beautifully shot in glorious black-and-white (a brave choice, considering its limited commercial appeal), Ed Wood is touching, sad, tender and optimistic all at once. It’s also a fantastic homage to the great Bela Lugosi – one of my favorite actors ever. Martin Landau’s portrayal is simply perfect.

In addition, it features the beautiful Lisa Marie as the equally beautiful Vampira. And because there’s never too much Vampira on Halloween…

… Or too much Lisa Marie:

Top 10 Halloween Movies: #9

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We’ll soon be announcing our first cast members… But in the meantime, here’s movie number 9 on my countdown of the top 10 Halloween movies of all times:

9. Night of the Demons (2009, Adam Gierasch)

Here’s a rare case of a remake surpassing – in my opinion, at least – the original: Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson’s update on 1988 cult film Night of the Demons.

Set entirely on Halloween night, around a Halloween-party-gone-bad scenario, Night of the Demons is beautifully filmed and filled with great costumes, Halloween visuals, and a fantastic soundtrack.

Sexy, gory, fun and relentless, it’s the kind of film that’s best seen with an audience, or a bunch of fellow horror fans. The perfect Halloween party movie!