Skull earrings

Filmmaker, artist and jewelry designer Tonjia Atomic has created an exclusive pair of skull-shaped earrings named after me, as part of her celebration of Women in Horror month!

They’re pretty brilliant, as you can see for yourselves:

If you’re tempted, you’ll find them here!

October books…

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October is always a fantastic month for horror fans, and fans of literary horror have many reasons to rejoice. Here’s my selection of horror books released this month… (For full disclosure, these are for the most part not books I’ve already read, but books on my pre-order list…)

Monsters in the Movies, John Landis

Landis’s book may not be rich in text, but this coffee table book is so beautifully put together and rich in illustrations that it may well become a must-have for monster movie fans. While I personally wish Landis had sometimes given more of an opinion on the films he mentions, this is the kind of book you can get lost into for hours.

On Monsters: An Unnatural History of Our Worst Fears, Stephen T. Asma

I’m a huge fan of cultural histories (my favorite being David Skal’s The Monster Show), and as such, I can’t wait to read this study of monsters throughout the ages. Unlike Landis’s book, this seems text-heavy and the focus is more on mythology and literature than film history, so these two books could complement each other nicely.

The Night Eternal, Guillermo del Toro & Chuck Hogan

The third and final book in del Toro and Hogan’s vampire saga. Need I say more?

The Empire of Death, Paul Koudounaris

Subtitled “A Cultural History of Ossuaries and Charnel Houses”, this is fairly self-explanatory. I expect a richly illustrated volume, which should help me discover new and unusual things to visit and places to travel to.

Black Light, Marcus Dunstan, Patrick Melton & Stephen Romano

No idea what to expect from this novel, to be honest – but the simple fact that it is the brainchild of some of the most successful writers of the Saw series (and of The Collector) is enough to get me interested. It seems to be a supernatural tale: all the better!

Halloween Vintage Postcards – 3

Things are coming together nicely on The Halloween Kid! We are confirming our lead actor as we speak, as well as a fantastic cameo, which I can’t wait to share with you…

We’ve also found one of our main locations and added a handful of fantastic people to our crew, amongst whom make-up artist and designer Evie Wray (Dark Shadows, Harry Potter).

We’ve added a shooting day to our schedule, so to make sure we’ll be ready on time, we’re ending our funding campaign a few days earlier than originally planned. But there’s still 16 days to go! Can we reach our new goal in that time, with your help? Have a look at our Sponsume page and get involved!

Here’s the latest batch of vintage Halloween cards…

Many vintage cards refer to the old romantic traditions of Halloween, when through various magical ways – looking into a mirror, blowing off a candle -, a woman could see revealed the face of her future husband…

They may also hint at Halloween balls, parties and dances…


Finally, I just love this one:

Halloween treats

First of all, huge thanks to The Halloween Kid‘s new backers, Christina Roberts and Ben Franklin!

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Secondly, I paid a visit to a couple of supermarkets this weekend, looking for Halloween specials. Here’s a few of the treats I found…

My favorite, both for taste and packaging (the attention to details is brilliant – I couldn’t find a pic of this year’s edition…), is Mr Kipling’s Fiendish Fancies:

Haven’t yet found the announced Screme eggs, on the other hand:

Also missing is a big favorite of mine from previous years, the Babybel Halloween pack. Anyone found them yet?

38 Days Til Halloween!

Here in London, Halloween displays are few and far between this time of the year. But in California, where I spent last week, they’re already everywhere.

LA seems particularly fond of the holiday, and most shops have at least a few seasonal items. I bought orange-tinted cocoa from Crate & Barrel, pumpkin pasta sauce from Williams Sonoma, coffin-shaped soap from Bath & Body Works, there are Halloween tshirts at Target, etc.

Here’s a few Halloween highlights from the trip…

The best seasonal display was in San Francisco, at Seasons on Pier 39:

Bath and Body Works also has a great selection. This one is at The Grove, LA:

I also loved these decorations in a shop on the Main Street of Disneyland, where all the decorations and most of the merchandising were already out, before the official start of the season:

Last thing I bought was an annual must-have: the Martha Stewart Halloween special. Even if you don’t cook, bake or sew (which I don’t), it’s always filled with creative ideas and beautiful seasonal photos.