Vintage Valentine Cards

I’ve never been a fan of Valentine’s Day, but this year I thought I’d look into vintage cards… and as it turns out, there’s a fair amount of creepy ones out there.

So here’s my selection, from threatening…

… to silly…

… to disturbingly racist.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Merry Christmas!

And so… The Halloween Kid post-production is finished. We screened the film for the cast and crew last night at a plush central London screening room, and it looked great on the big screen. The adventure is far from over though, as we start approaching film festivals and submitting the film around the world!

Thanks again to everybody who invested, spread the word, took an interest or worked on the film this year. May your Christmas be merry, and 2012 bring you success and spookiness.

Vintage Halloween Pin-ups

First off, huge thanks to our new backers Darren Cook and Andy Twigg!

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The Halloween Kid was just mentioned on Ain’t It Cool News, and on Joblo!

More great announcements – including our lead – coming soon.

Until then, have a look at these Halloween staples of yore: Halloween pin-ups girls. Pretty girls, spooky shadows, pumpkins: I’ve always wanted to do a shoot in this style, but never had the chance…

Halloween Vintage Postcards – 3

Things are coming together nicely on The Halloween Kid! We are confirming our lead actor as we speak, as well as a fantastic cameo, which I can’t wait to share with you…

We’ve also found one of our main locations and added a handful of fantastic people to our crew, amongst whom make-up artist and designer Evie Wray (Dark Shadows, Harry Potter).

We’ve added a shooting day to our schedule, so to make sure we’ll be ready on time, we’re ending our funding campaign a few days earlier than originally planned. But there’s still 16 days to go! Can we reach our new goal in that time, with your help? Have a look at our Sponsume page and get involved!

Here’s the latest batch of vintage Halloween cards…

Many vintage cards refer to the old romantic traditions of Halloween, when through various magical ways – looking into a mirror, blowing off a candle -, a woman could see revealed the face of her future husband…

They may also hint at Halloween balls, parties and dances…


Finally, I just love this one:

Vintage Halloween postcards – part 2

Here’s a few more of those awesome Halloween postcards I mentioned earlier, the kind whose tone and look serve as a source of inspiration on The Halloween Kid

These are certainly creepier than the previous ones I posted, and certainly not as influential.

Don’t forget you can still become a backer, an Associate Producer or an Executive Producer on the film, alongside the likes of Neil Marshall, Sam McCurdy and Paul Hyett! Look at our rewards here – you can even get a prop, or a visit to the set!

Ok, so how spooky is this?

I love that card, but really, who dresses up like this..?

Who are these creatures? Why do they appear to be melons with legs made out of straw? Whose cake are they cutting up? What is the link with Halloween?

No clue.

Now this makes more sense. Here’s a cat directing a choir of pumpkins:

Then again, there’s also the intriguing caption, “cats and bats and witches are flying through the air”. Mmmh, flying cats?

But hey, cats can also do this:

Last but not least…

I understand that the guys in the back are carrying pumpkins in front of their heads. But what’s up with the two guys climbing over the fence? Where are their real heads?

Don’t you just love vintage Halloween cards?

An old-school Halloween

The look we’re going for with The Halloween Kid is very much a retro look: a slightly nostalgic, old-school-Halloween tone.

While putting together references to show heads of department the kind of images we’ll be going for, vintage Halloween postcards have a particular importance. They convey the sweet, innocent, spooky melancholic tone I’d love the film to have – plus, their colors are always fantastic.

Here’s a few of my favorites…