The Halloween Kid World Premiere

The first public screening of The Halloween Kid has just been announced!

The Halloween Kid will premiere at the prestigious International Children and Young People’s Film Festival in Malmo, Sweden, in March.

I’d never thought of it as a children’s film while we were making it, but once someone had suggested the idea, it seemed to make sense. Like the works of the people who inspire me (in this case, geniuses like Edward Gorey or Guillermo del Toro), it mixes fantasy and the supernatural in a way that seems suitable for children. And the lead is seven years old.

To celebrate, we’ve put together a little teaser trailer!

Halloween treats

First of all, huge thanks to The Halloween Kid‘s new backers, Christina Roberts and Ben Franklin!

We’re still looking for people to join our team, so why not visit our Sponsume page here?

Secondly, I paid a visit to a couple of supermarkets this weekend, looking for Halloween specials. Here’s a few of the treats I found…

My favorite, both for taste and packaging (the attention to details is brilliant – I couldn’t find a pic of this year’s edition…), is Mr Kipling’s Fiendish Fancies:

Haven’t yet found the announced Screme eggs, on the other hand:

Also missing is a big favorite of mine from previous years, the Babybel Halloween pack. Anyone found them yet?

New concept design!

I’m very excited to premiere a new Halloween Kid concept design, this time from artist and animator, Laura Whyte, whose website you’ll find here. Her style is very distinctive and certainly more ‘cartoony’ than the previous concept by Christopher Goodman, but I just love the colors, the contrast between the innocence of the kids and the spookiness of the scarecrow, the long shadows…

We are still looking for backers for The Halloween Kid, so if you’ve ever dreamed of seeing your name in the credits of a film, alongside the likes of Neil Marshall and Sam McCurdy, or if you simply enjoy supporting great projects and getting rewards, get on board!

Every penny will go onto the screen. We’re hoping to add another shooting day to our schedule… and we need more pumpkins!

So don’t forget to visit our Sponsume page here, and to spread the word! I hope to hear from you very soon…

38 Days Til Halloween!

Here in London, Halloween displays are few and far between this time of the year. But in California, where I spent last week, they’re already everywhere.

LA seems particularly fond of the holiday, and most shops have at least a few seasonal items. I bought orange-tinted cocoa from Crate & Barrel, pumpkin pasta sauce from Williams Sonoma, coffin-shaped soap from Bath & Body Works, there are Halloween tshirts at Target, etc.

Here’s a few Halloween highlights from the trip…

The best seasonal display was in San Francisco, at Seasons on Pier 39:

Bath and Body Works also has a great selection. This one is at The Grove, LA:

I also loved these decorations in a shop on the Main Street of Disneyland, where all the decorations and most of the merchandising were already out, before the official start of the season:

Last thing I bought was an annual must-have: the Martha Stewart Halloween special. Even if you don’t cook, bake or sew (which I don’t), it’s always filled with creative ideas and beautiful seasonal photos.

40 days til Halloween!

Welcome, foolish mortals! You have found the blog of The Halloween Kid, created by writer/director Axelle Carolyn.

The purpose of this blog is to track the progress of The Halloween Kid, a short Halloween fairytale that we’ll be looking to finance very soon, and shoot over two days at the end of October.

But as a real Halloween obsessive, I won’t be able to help using this blog to also discuss my favorite holiday, recall some of my fondest Halloween memories, and my thoughts on the best Halloween movies and books. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts with me.

Only 40 days left til Halloween!