Puppy’s Normal Activity…

Anubis the Barkless Dog returns with this silly homage to one of the season’s best-loved franchises!

From the team behind The Halloween Kid.

Vintage Halloween Pin-ups

First off, huge thanks to our new backers Darren Cook and Andy Twigg!

If you too want a credit with the likes of Neil Marshall (The Descent), Sam McCurdy (Game of Thrones), Julian Glover (Empire Strikes Back) and Anna Walton (Hellboy 2), check out our Sponsume page!

The Halloween Kid was just mentioned on Ain’t It Cool News, and on Joblo!

More great announcements – including our lead – coming soon.

Until then, have a look at these Halloween staples of yore: Halloween pin-ups girls. Pretty girls, spooky shadows, pumpkins: I’ve always wanted to do a shoot in this style, but never had the chance…